Buddy Daddies Has Fans Sobbing Over Its Cutest Scene Yet

It looks like the found family genre has made its way to the anime industry. Following the success of Spy x Family, all eyes are on the heartwarming genre, and Buddy Daddies is now proving lightning can strike twice. After all, the original series is earning rave reviews from fans, and the Internet is tearing up over its cutest scene to date.

The whole thing went live this week when the latest episode of Buddy Daddies dropped. It was there fans caught up with Rei Suwa and Kazuki Kurusu as usual. The hitmen are still adjusting to life as parents now that Miri is around. And when the duo tries to enroll the girl in daycare, fans were given the cutest scene ever.

And what was it? Well, Miri was given the chance to coo over her dads. The enrollment interview saw the daycare director chat with the found family, and the whole scene is too precious for words.

For one, the director has no issues with Miri being raised by two fathers which is a definite win for representation. This atypical family is just as close as any other by now, and the daycare director recognizes that with zero prejudice. She goes on to ask Miri how she likes having two dads, and it is safe to say the girl lights up. As you can see above, the young girl has nothing but good things to say about Kazuki, and Rei gets a smattering of compliments as well.

It goes without saying Miri is approved to join the daycare, and her dads become popular with the other parents ASAP. In fact, all the moms are obsessed with the pair, and Miri's friend circle grows one by one. The whole episode is so pure that it could soften the hardest of hearts. And if we are lucky, maybe Miri will get to meet Anya in a Spy x Family crossover someday. 

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