Castlevania Reveals Jaw Dropping Secret Behind Death

The fourth season of Netflix's Castlevania marks the end of the adventure of Trevor Belmont, [...]

The fourth season of Netflix's Castlevania marks the end of the adventure of Trevor Belmont, Sypha, and Alucard, but the final journey had plenty of big surprises for fans as this world came to a close, with the secrets revealed regarding the Grim Reaper, aka Death, being some of the biggest of the bunch. For those who might not be familiar, Death himself was actually on Dracula's court in the video game franchise, proving that the strength of the lord of the vampires was so intense that he was able to enlist the Grim Reaper himself to his cause.

Warning. If you have yet to watch the fourth season of Castlevania on Netflix, this article will dive into major spoiler territory so turn back now if you don't want to be spoiled.

In the early stages of the fourth season, Death is referenced following a battle wherein Trevor and Sypha were battling yet another supernatural threat in the face of a world that no longer has a "living" Dracula within it. As Belmont explains, Death in this universe is an elemental force that is actually a physical being, feeding off the passing of humans much like vampires drink the blood of mankind in order to survive. Though the Grim Reaper is only mentioned in passing, he appears later on in the fourth season as the main antagonist for Trevor and his crew to struggle against.

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One of the new vampires introduced in this new season was Varney, voiced by Malcolm McDowell, who was attempting to resurrect Dracula while holding an aesthetic that makes it seem like he hasn't had a bath for quite some time. Working with Saint Germain, the character introduced in season three who came across Trevor and Sypha during their adventures, Varney is eventually revealed to be none other than Death himself, working to bring back Dracula in order to kill more of mankind to feed himself.

On top of this, Death was also the mysterious being that Germain encounters in the Infinite Corridor, who pointed the alchemist in the direction of resurrecting the lord of the vampires in order to reunite with his lady love. As we witness, the Grim Reaper was pulling countless strings in the background to bring Dracula back to life and he makes for a force that was as powerful as the vampire king.

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