Castlevania Season Four: Explaining the Post Credit Scene

The fourth and final season of Netflix's Castlevania has finally arrived and with it comes an end [...]

The fourth and final season of Netflix's Castlevania has finally arrived and with it comes an end to the adventures of Trevor Belmont, Sypha, and Alucard, but the series wasn't afraid to set up several story beats that let fans know that there is a definite possibility when it comes to potential spin-offs and/or sequels. One of the biggest being the "Post Credit" sequence which hints that all was definitely not as it seemed during the final battle of the season, hinting that some major characters might be making a return appearance in the future of the vampire world.

Warning. This article will dive into major spoilers for Castlevania Season Four and its ending, so if you have yet to watch the season and don't want the events spoiled, steer clear.

The final episodes focus on the Grim Reaper, Death, using the mystical abilities of Saint Germain in order to resurrect Dracula via the "Divine Hermaphrodite" which would bring back both the lord of the vampires and his deceased wife, Lisa, into one cursed being. While the spell is ultimately successful, the trio of vampire hunters can put an end to this new cursed form while also defeating Death himself in a one-on-one battle between the elemental force and Trevor Belmont.

Castlevania Season Four
(Photo: Powerhouse)

However, all was not as it seemed, as it was revealed in the final moments of the season that Dracula and Lisa had somehow regained life, in their original bodies, vowing to live their lives free of the blood and violence that had trailed them. With Lisa back amongst the land of the living, Dracula has clearly ended his campaign of eradicating humanity with an army of night creatures and appears to be living a life of peace alongside his lady love.

While there have been no confirmed plans for a sequel or spin-off to Netflix's Castlevania, the creators at Powerhouse Animation haven't been shy about their desire to eventually revisit the world. Throughout the video game series of Castlevania, Dracula has remained a part of nearly all of the entries across scores of consoles, and it's clear that with him now returning to life, he can once again come back as an antagonist, or perhaps in another role, should the series return down the road.

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