Netflix Announces Castlevania Season 4

Castlevania will return for a fourth season, Netflix confirms, following the amazingly well [...]

Castlevania will return for a fourth season, Netflix confirms, following the amazingly well received third season that recently dropped on the streaming service! The series follows the same storyline as the video game franchise, with the vampire clan of the Belmonts assembling a rowdy group of hunters in an attempt to take down the vampire king himself, Dracula! With this series following Trevor Belmont, Sypha the sorceress, and Alucard the halfling son of Dracula himself, a fourth season will surely continue the journey of these heroes along with the antagonists that received such big roles in season three!

The anime series from Powerhouse has received a lot of critical acclaim thanks to its witty story telling from comic book writer Warren Ellis as well as its dazzling animation that gives some of the best animated action sequences in recent memory. With Season Three focusing on Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard experiencing their own unique journeys, it will be interesting to see if the trio reunite in season four to potentially take on the threats that are currently growing from the likes of Isaac, along with Carmilla and her vampire sisters who have the devil forger Hector right under their thumbs! Needless to say, expect the heart pounding action and hilarious banter to continue in this next installment, which has yet to receive a release date!

Netflix released the news via a clever trick on their Official Twitter Account, asking fans to open the mirror box that was so important to Isaac in the third season of the anime, confirming that another season of the popular animated series was on the way:

With Season Three keeping Dracula dead, it's clear that the antagonists of the series will now be Isaac, who wishes to exterminate humanity, as well as Carmilla and her sisters, who simply want to treat the remnants of mankind as if they were cattle. With the two evil forces gaining in power thanks to their individual devil forger abilities, it's clear that a war is on the horizon and our favorite trio may be caught right in the middle! With Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard made all the worse by their journeys in season three, will they be able to rally in the next installment of the anime?

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