Chainsaw Man Cliffhanger Shows Off Denji's Heroic Side

Chainsaw Man has finally brought Denji back into the fold with the newest chapter of the manga series, and the cliffhanger from this chapter has showcased the kind of hero Denji is fighting to be! The second part of Tatsuki Fujimoto's original manga series began its run earlier this Summer, and surprisingly did not include the main hero Denji for its first few chapters. Fans were introduced to a new main character instead, Asa Mitaka, who was thrust into this world of devils and possessed by a powerful one, the War Devil, who seeks to hunt down Denji and start a full on war.

The first few chapters of Chainsaw Man Part 2 were focusing on Asa as she explored a world that had been changed since Denji became the full Chainsaw Man hero that fans saw in the Part 1 finale, and the newest chapter of the series shook things up even more by bringing back Denji himself. Showcasing a much more adept fighting style than ever seen in the first part of the series, the final moments of his big introduction have also begun to highlight the kind of hero he's become since we had seen him last. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 102 of Chainsaw Man officially brought Denji back into the fold, but in a way that just happened to be connected to Asa's story. When Asa and her friend were being attacked by a giant bat devil, it was soon interrupted when Denji and the Cockroach Devil come tumbling through the building. Tearing through much of the rest of the city, the Cockroach Devil then tries to test Denji by seeing whether he'd save a student with a bright future or a car full of five older people. The Devil is then surprised when Denji rushes towards it instead. 

Cutting through the devil in the bloody and brutal way fans have seen from Denji in the past (in probably a more adept and efficient matter, teasing how many fights he's been in since), both the student and the car full of elderly people die in the crossfire. But Denji was focused on saving a cat that had been caught in the mix of all of it, and even a nearby news report celebrates his saving of the cat. It's a showing of the kind of hero he's setting out to be, and oddly enough, the world seems pretty fine with it. 

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