Chainsaw Man Reveals the War Devil's Main Mission

Chainsaw Man is now making its way through Part 2 of the massively popular manga, and the newest chapter is setting up for the War Devil's chaotic main goal for the series going forward. When Tatsuki Fujimoto brought the first part of the series to an end a couple of years ago, fans were curious to see how Denji would be moving forward into the future. With the second part of the series now underway, a new main devil has entered the fray and it seems like the series is shaping up its next major villain with their eyes squarely focused on Denji.

The first chapter of Chainsaw Man Part 2 introduced fans to the War Devil, who formed a contract with the new main character of the series, Asa Mitaka. After the two bonded, the newest chapter of the series revealed that now they share the same body as the devil needs to use Asa's mind and body in order to sneak through their school. The War Devil is aware that Chainsaw Man lurks somewhere in the school, and revealed to Asa that they want to find Chainsaw Man by any means necessary and build up enough of an arsenal to go to war with Denji. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 99 of Chainsaw Man picks up shortly after Asa and the War Devil had killed her student council president and teacher, but life at her school moves on. The War Devil is keeping Asa's mind intact for the most part in order to blend in with the crowd. As the War Devil reveals to her, it plans to seek out the Chainsaw Man devil at the school after finding a button from one of the school's uniforms in the clutches of a dead devil. As the devil explains, it has the power to turn what's "theirs" into weapons and thus wants to build as big of an arsenal as possible

The War Devil wants to turn as many humans as it can into weapons so it can go on a full on war with the Chainsaw Man devil, and thus this is the start of a whole new adventure for the series. With this new devil seeking out to take down Denji in the grandest way possible, it's now painting a brutal and bloody picture for the future overall. How are you liking the War Devil so far? What hav you been thinking about Part 2's first chapters? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!