Chainsaw Man Reveals the War Devil's Beef with Denji

Chainsaw Man is back in action, and the manga's most recent update is a curious one. While its latter half focuses on Denji and his never-ending pursuit of girls, the first bit belongs to Asa Mitaka. In fact, the manga goes so far as to reveal their devil's grudge against Chainsaw Man, and it is a pretty wild story.

According to this newest chapter, the War Devil has a giant bone to pick with Denji's devil. The War Devil claims the Chainsaw Devil is the reason war has stopped as of late. And as more time passes without conflict, the War Devil is growing weaker by the day.

"I fought him long ago! But Chainsaw Man gets back up no matter how many times you kill him, so I lost to him. Next thing I knew, he'd eaten from my body, weakening me," the War Devil shared.

"He's the reason there hasn't been a single war since the world war. War became a thing of movies and video games. As the world forgot war's terrors, I grew even weaker. At this rate, everyone will forget me."

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So, there you have it. We knew Chainsaw Man was strong, but their toe-to-toe feud with the War Devil shows how powerful they are. The Chainsaw Devil was strong enough to threaten Makima and their Control Devil fairly recently. And now, the War Devil is ready to get revenge against Denji's tenant. It won't be long for the two other Four Horsemen make their own grudges known. And when the group comes together, the Chainsaw Devil will have a lot on their plate to clear. 

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