'Chihayafuru' Is Teasing One Major Announcement

When it comes to Chihayafuru, there is one thing every fan wants. The series’ anime left off [...]

When it comes to Chihayafuru, there is one thing every fan wants. The series' anime left off with a successful second season, but no one has heard about the show since. Now, it looks like the franchise is planning something big, and fans are hoping a new season announcement is about to be made.

Earlier today, a new report surfaced that an announcement regarding Chihayafuru will be made later this year. Fans on Reddit discovered the tease after a report suggested the series will announce something on December 15.

So far, there is no telling what the franchise has in store, but fans are definitely hoping it involves a third season. The anime debuted it last season in 2013 after it premiered its first season in 2012. The series has regained popularity as of late thanks to a series of live-action films, and many hope that spark is enough to warrant a new anime season.

If you are not familiar with Chihayafuru, then you should know the josei series was created in December 2007 by Yuki Suetsugu. Kodansha serialized the manga which mixes high school drama, romance, and competitive karuta into one tantalizing story.

The series follows a student named Chihaya Ayase as she enters high school and strives to become Japan's greatest karuta player. The girl's dream was spurred after she met a young boy named Arata Wataya as a child, and the paired formed a close friendship with Taichi Mashima over the game. The trio lose touch as they move and go to different schools, but Chihaya never forgot Arata for helping her realize her dream.

By the time Chiaya and Taichi reunite, Arata has given up karuta following a personal tragedy, but the girl won't let her friend give up. The trio embark on their own journeys to rediscover their love of karuta, and those feelings get complicated when Chihaya realizes she may also love Arata more than she thought.

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