Deadpool Manga Roasts Yamcha In Dragon Ball Z Reference

Wade Wilson's new manga series, Deadpool: Samurai, is one of the top-selling comics that Marvel is [...]

Wade Wilson's new manga series, Deadpool: Samurai, is one of the top-selling comics that Marvel is currently putting out, and the Merc With a Mouth took time after his crossover with My Hero Academia's All Might to battle Thanos to roast one of the biggest joke characters in the Dragon Ball Z series, Yamcha. With the running gag for the original Dragon Ball character stemming from his death during the Saiyan Saga wherein a Saibaman unleashed by Vegeta and Nappa took his life in a "suicide bombing", Yamcha is perhaps the biggest example of an anime character unable to catch a break.

With All Might having helped Deadpool defeat Thanos, Wade now finds himself in front of Loki and an army of Marvel villains, mimicking the iconic look of Yamcha following the Saibaman attack that took his life. Deadpool takes on the iconic pose after he is beaten to the ground by the villain Graviton, realizing that he is in over his head when it comes to battling this collection of evil-doers. Luckily for Wade, the chapter ends with the Avengers jumping into the fray in the nick of time, as Deadpool hilariously notes that he "misses All Might" when Captain America and crew hit the scene.

Twitter User Shibuya Smash shared the new chapter which sees Wade hilariously making his way through Loki's army in Marvel's latest manga series which has become a runaway success thanks to the partnership launched between the North American comic book publishers and Viz Media:

(Photo: Shueisha)

Yamcha has had more than a few chances to redeem himself throughout the sequel series of Dragon Ball Super, specifically during the "baseball episode" of the series where he led the Z Fighters in an exhibition match against Chompa's warriors from Universe 6. Though the Moro Arc has yet to be animated itself, there are also plenty of moments for Yamcha in this recent manga storyline.

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