Deadpool Manga Reflects on All Might's Legacy with an Avenger Burn

Wade Wilson's first foray into the world of manga, Deadpool: Samurai, has given us an unexpected [...]

Wade Wilson's first foray into the world of manga, Deadpool: Samurai, has given us an unexpected cameo via My Hero Academia's All Might helping the Merc with a Mouth take down the "Mad Titan" himself, Thanos, and it seems as if Deadpool is missing the Symbol of Peace as he delivers an excellent burn to the Avengers in the process. With Thanos defeated, Deadpool now finds himself facing off against the likes of Loki alongside some of the biggest villains within the Marvel Universe, but is able to receive a much-needed assist before the battle comes to a close.

Deadpool: Samurai came about thanks to a partnership between Marvel Comics and Viz Media, wherein the North American comic publishers have decided to wade into the world of manga with none other than one of their most popular characters. With Disney stating that the third film following Ryan Reynolds' take on the Marvel character is in the works, following Disney's acquisition of Fox Studios alongside the X-Men properties, now is definitely a great time to further explore the world of the merc with a mouth via new mediums. While Deadpool hasn't been shy about making references to anime properties, fans were shocked when All Might actually appeared in the story himself.

Twitter User Shibuya Smash shared the latest chapter of Deadpool: Samurai which sees Wade Wilson make some hilarious Dragon Ball Z references while facing off against Loki and his army of villains, eventually saved by the Avengers before the chapter comes to a close:

With the manga series continuing to drag the fourth-wall-breaking mercenary of the Marvel Universe into this new medium, we're looking forward to seeing what other anime properties will be referenced or if any other anime characters will make an appearance down the road to team up with Wade Wilson.

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