Demon Slayer's Rumored Live-Action Plans Dismissed by Shueisha

It goes without saying that Demon Slayer is at the top of its game right now. The anime is thriving at the box office and crushing any record that gets in its way. Despite having ended this year, the manga is still selling out overseas, and fans are desperate for more content. This combined success proves there is tons of room for more Demon Slayer, but fans should not bet on a live-action adaptation to happen anytime soon.

Recently, Otaku USA got to the bottom of a rumor after fans began gossiping about a possible live-action take on Demon Slayer. The news began over in Japan as a supposed list of front-running actors surfaced. But when asked about such a project, the team the Demon Slayer manga was less than optimistic.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train Movie Tanjiro
(Photo: Aniplex)

Otaku USA reached out to the folks at Shonen Jump to see if this live-action rumor was on to something. It was there Shueisha said, "We cannot answer any such questions."

This non-answer has some fans holding on to hope the adaptation may happen yet, but others are not convinced. The status of Demon Slayer makes any announcements regarding the project hard to keep secret. A good few fans believe a live-action adaptation would have been sussed out by now, but there are those who disagree. After all, Jump Festa is just weeks away, and the event could drop such an announcement.

For now, it seems plans for a live-action take on Demon Slayer are tabled, but the rumored cast associated with such a project is solid. The rumors said Kanna Hashimoto was being eyed to play Nezuko while Tanjiro went to Masaharu Fukuyama. This kind of casting is spot-on, so let's hope their names linger around for an actual adaptation one day in the future.


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