Demon Slayer Cosplay Shares The Adorable Side Of Nezuko

Demon Slayer is currently shattering records in Japan thanks to the release of its first feature length film in Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, and fans are responding in kind with some amazing art that honors the franchise with one cosplayer in particular sharing the "adorable" side of Nezuko. Nezuko, the sister of the protagonist of Tanjiro within the anime juggernaut known as Demon Slayer, shifts between her demonic persona and that of the young girl who is still struggling in an attempt to take control of her own body once and for all while aiding her sword wielding brother!

Nezuko has been an instrumental part of Tanjiro's quest to not only eradicate the demonic spawn that is plaguing both of their worlds, managing to access a number of her demonic powers throughout the franchise. At the end of the first season of the anime, Nezuko was able to access her abilities in a way that she never had before, helping Tanjiro and their friends in Zenitsu and Insokue in defeating the "Spider Clan", a band of disturbing demons that considered themselves a fan while holding an extremely arachnid aesthetic as they killed any members of the demon slayer corps that were in their path!

Instagram Cosplayer MongoeCos shared this adorable interpretation of Nezuko, who is normally kind when she isn't baring her fangs and claws in battle, but still must have her mouth restrained in fear that she will lose control over the demonic influence that resides within her body:

The adventures of Nezuko and the other demon slayers have ended in the manga, but it's clear that there are more anime installments on the way with the franchise's first movie and a potential second season that seems inevitable.


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