Demon Slayer Creator Motivates Fans with Pandemic PSA

The creator of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba would be in a very different place if it weren't for his fans, and Koyoharu Gotoge is lifting them up these days with a new piece of art. The sketch was posted on social media amidst the pandemic to lighten the mood for those who follow him. Despite being busy with the Demon Slayer manga, Gotoge wanted to make time for his fans, and it goes without saying that they appreciate the thought he put into their PSA.

You can check out the artwork below as it was shared on Demon Slayer's official Twitter page. Gotoge drew a little black-and-white sketch reminding fans how best to keep safe during the pandemic. Not only does the artist want his fans to avoid the novel coronavirus but he wants them to prevent its spread overall.

“A virus prevention illustration is here! From Mr. Gotoge to everyone, an illustration of support from Tanjiro and his friends has arrived. The difficult situation continues, but please stay safe by following these three beats: Wash hands! Gargle! Wear a mask," the drawing was caption (via Sora News 24).

As you can see in the drawing, the chibi-fied characters look plenty adorable, and it really does Zenitsu justice. The boy is wearing a face mask with a pig embroidered on it while Nezuko lives her best life with a cat mask. As for Tanjiro, the boy is left to fasten his sister's face mask, and that's because his bunny-print piece is already situated over his face.


Of course, the trio are treating the new virus as if it were an enemy as Gotoge makes them swear to defeat the coronavirus. It has yet to be seen whether the Demon Slayer stars can see that through, but fans are hoping their stores of soap will not go to waste. The eyes of the anime fandom are on the three friends, but Gotoege doesn't want them to worry; After all, Tanjiro said he's got it handled.

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