Demon Slayer Manga Volume Sells Millions of Copies in Three Days

Demon Slayer might be over with the final chapter of the series wrapping the story of Tanjiro and Nezuko, but that isn't stopping fans from from picking up the last volumes of the manga at a record pace and one of the latest installments has sold around two million copies in three days! Fans were fairly shocked when they originally learned that the white hot popular anime franchise was wrapping up its story line so soon after the anime debuted in 2019, but we're sure that the future of the series will continue to be bright moving down the road.

The series is looking to hit the silver screen with its first feature length film, "Demon Slayer: Mugen Train" which features our favorite members of the Demon Slayer Corps travelling aboard a supernatural locomotive while running into new friends and enemies. Though we don't have a confirmed release date for the film, thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic that has been causing more than a few delays across the entertainment industry, it is set to hit both the east and the west. With the manga having finished this supernatural tale of tragedy, we're left wondering if there will be a sequel following older versions of our favorite characters or a new generation taking the reins down the line.

Demon Slayer Manga Sales
(Photo: Shueisha )

Reported by the sales charts of Oricon, the online site reported that Volume 21 of Demon Slayer sold over two million copies with fans of the franchise picking up copies of the regular and limited editions to help the series hit new heights when it comes to high sales in a short amount of time!

At this point, we have to believe that a second season is inevitable for the popular anime franchise, though the studio behind the series, Ufotable, has been "mum" on announcing just when, or if, we can expect to see the further adventures of Tanjiro and company on the small screen. Even with the manga having come to an end, there is plenty of material in the manga for at least another season or two of the anime to arrive for fans of the demon slaying property.


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