Demon Slayer Movie Confirmed For North America Release

Demon Slayer's first season might have wrapped following its 2019 premiere, but the excitement revolving around the series hasn't stopped and Funimation has announced that they'll be teaming with Aniplex to bring the first feature length film of the franchise to North America. During the Industry Panel of FunimationCon 2020, the company announced that they'll be bringing this new adventure of Tanjiro and company aboard a demon infested train to the western hemisphere proper, though a set release date has yet to be confirmed as to when Demon Slayer fans will be able to jump into the movie!

The Mugen Train movie follows the next arc of the anime franchise after the conclusion of the first season of the anime, meaning this will be an essential watch for fans of Demon Slayer if they're looking to continue to learn about the story of Tanjiro and his demon hunting friends. While some franchises have films that take place outside of continuity, like Dragon Ball Z, this upcoming film within the Demon Slayer canon will be the next part of the story that sees the young demon hunter and his sister, Nezuko, hunting down demons to save others from a fate that had befallen them and their family.

Funimation announced that they would be partnering with Aniplex, via their Official Twitter Account, to bring Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train, to audiences in North America at an unspecified date into theaters directly, confirming that fans in the west would get the opportunity to explore this new adventure:

Demon Slayer's arrival date with its first feature length film is still up in the air as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, with many believing that the original release date of this fall might be delayed as a result of COVID-19, as so many other anime properties have followed suit. With the anime franchise being one of the most popular Shonen series in the medium today, we would expect to get more news sooner rather than later regarding the franchise's first film.

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