Demon Slayer Embraces Halloween With Spooky New Art

Demon Slayer might be a shonen series, but it has its fair share when it comes to horrific enemies that populate Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke's world. During the second season, both the Mugen Train and Entertainment District Arcs saw our favorite Demon Slayers take on horrific adversaries that would fit in well into a Junji Ito story. Now, official artwork from Ufotable has arrived that sees both the heroes and villains getting into the Halloween spirit.

As it stands, the anime adaptation has yet to focus on any Halloween shenanigans for Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke, and Zenitsu, though the series has had plenty of scary moments throughout its history. With each of the Demon Slayer Corps' opponents sporting some truly terrifying looks, the supernatural series hasn't been shy about diving into some serious horror for both the Shonen protagonists and those attempting to survive a world that is plagued by demons. Shockingly enough, the manga has already brought Demon Slayer's story to an end, with Koyoharo Gotouge's tale already ending though the anime adaptation still has plenty of material to cover before the Demon Slayer Corps hangs up their respective swords.

Ufotable's Official Twitter Account shared the new Demon Slayer Halloween art, which will be released as a part of the cafes in Japan that celebrate Demon Slayer and create specific items based on the world of Tanjiro and his fellow members of the Demon Slayer Corp in the Shonen franchise:

The Swordsmith Village Arc, like the previous two arcs that proceeded in the second season, will follow some new Hashira that Tanjiro and his friends have yet to interact with for significant amounts of time. The Entertainment District Arc might have brought the battle against Gyutaro and Daki to an end, but the final episode also hinted at some far more powerful demons that are waiting in the wings. Tanjiro and his friends will have some scary challenges ahead of them in the third season, and will most likely continue being one of the biggest Shonen series on the small screen thanks to the fast-paced action of the show.

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