Detective Pikachu Delivers Special Anime Short: Watch

Detective Pikachu & the Mystery of the Missing Flan has been released as a treat for Pokemon fans.

If there is one thing we know about Pikachu, it is that he loves to eat. The Pokemon mascot has made his love of food apparent since day one as anything from ketchup to coffee is fair game. These days, Detective Pikachu 2 has only driven home that message, and now the game has been gifted a special anime short that sends Pikachu on a search for missing flan.

The update comes from The Pokemon Company itself as its official YouTube page petitioned Pikachu. Not long ago, the channel posted an animated short all about Detective Pikachu, and it is too cute for words.

"Detective Pikachu just wants to film his morning routine, but Tim has a bigger problem: his flan has disappeared from the fridge! It's definitely a mysterious case, but if anyone can solve it, this dynamic duo can in the animated short Detective Pikachu & the Mystery of the Missing Flan," the short's description reads.

As you can see above, the new Pokemon short checks on Pikachu as he begins a simple vlog, but things go south for him and Tim very quickly. After all, the pair learns their beloved flan has gone missing, and the two are left to figure out who took the treat. Pikachu's brainiac mind is put to work to solve this case. And by the end of the short, well – the pair figure out the flan thief happens to have been hiding in the fridge this whole time.

Obviously, this little short is adorable, and it shows Detective Pikachu in his element. If you want more of this sleuthing, you can always check out the Detective Pikachu games. The franchise's latest release just went live on the Nintendo Switch, so you can play Detective Pikachu 2 right now!

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