Digimon Adventure Brings Back Omnimon in Mega Monster Clash

Digimon Adventure really through fans of the original series for a loop when it debuted Mega level [...]

Digimon Adventure really through fans of the original series for a loop when it debuted Mega level evolutions two episodes into the new series' run, but the newest episode took this another step further with a new Mega level monster clash bringing back Omnimon. When we had last seen the DigiDestined they had just defeated Orochimon, and a mysterious countdown had appeared with Tokyo being in danger. The newest episode took this to a (literal) new level when the defeated Orochimon soon evolved to its Mega level, Nidhoggmon, and nearly destroyed Tokyo.

The data scattered from Orochimon had gathered together much like the defeated Eyesmon. It's here that Orochimon fully evolved into its Mega form, and Tai and the others were pretty much out of options. As Nidhoggmon continued to dominate with its power, thankfully there was soon hope in Omnimon's return to the series.

Episode 18 of the series had the DigiDestined literally fighting against time as their fight against Nidhoggmon had an impact on the real world Tokyo. None of their attacks had any impact as all of their Digimon had been weakened throughout the fights thus far. But Tai and Matt refused to give up and continued to charge forward together with Agumon and Gabumon.

Digimon Adventure Omnimon Return Reboot Anime
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Powering up their Digivices in the same way we saw in the first two episodes of the series, Greymon and Garurumon soon fuse once more into the Mega level Omnimon. Despite not being able to fight against Nidhoggmon before, Omnimon had virtually no trouble facing off against the Dark Digimon. With one powerful strike of its sword, Nidhoggmon is defeated completely.

After Nidhoggmon is defeated, thankfully the countdown in the real Tokyo is stopped as well. With one final strike, Omnimon then destroys the virtual Tokyo that they had been fighting in. But with this, it all gets Devimon's attention and soon the Digidestined are sent scattered throughout the world in way that should feel very familiar to fans of the original series.

What did you think of the Mega Digimon battle in Digimon Adventure's newest episode? How do you feel about the Mega levels being used so much this early into the new series? How strong do you think this new version of Devimon is going to be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!