Digimon Adventure Blooms With Palmon's Mega Evolution

Digimon Adventure truly bloomed with the debut of Palmon's Mega Evolution in the newest episode of [...]

Digimon Adventure truly bloomed with the debut of Palmon's Mega Evolution in the newest episode of the reboot anime series! The rebooted anime take on Toei Animation's original series from over 20 years ago has now reached its final arc as the DigiDestined have gone their separate ways to figure out the mystery of their respective Crests in order to protect the Digital World against the prophecized "Great Catastrophe." This has meant that each of the DigiDestined have finally begun to unlock their strongest forms for their Digimon partners, and that's something we didn't get to see in the original anime.

This means that each of the new Mega Evolutions that we are seeing in action from this point are brand new introductions to the TV anime, and that includes the latest. Episode 55 of the series sees Mimi and Palmon challenged with a new school that has popped up, and when they are fighting against the Mega level threat of BanchoMamemon, Mimi helps Palmon reach her Mega Evolution, Rosemon. Check it out in action as shared by @Wikimon_news on Twitter:

One of the major shifts the rebooted take on Digimon Adventure has made to the Mega Evolutions we have seen in spin-offs and sequels like Digimon Adventure tri. is the increase in overall size. As we can definitely see with Rosemon, each of the DigiDestined partners are massive compared to their past depictions. This also comes with the bigger power boost that we have seen in action throughout the new series as well as Rosemon was able to quickly defeat BanchoMamemon after evolving to her Mega form.

With Rosemon's debut, this means there are only Tentomon and Gomamon left for their respective Mega Evolution debuts. This doesn't include any potential new branching evolutions, however, as we have been surprised with a few of those in the past episodes of the new series. As Digimon Adventure gets closer to its final stretch of new episodes, we'll see for ourselves how this all comes together soon enough.

But what do you think of Rosemon's debut in Digimon Adventure's newest episode? Excited to see the rest of the Mega Evolutions come together for whatever final battle is left for this new series? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!