Digimon Adventure Debuts Biyomon's Fiery Mega Evolution

Digimon Adventure has finally debuted Biyomon's fiery Mega Evolution with the newest episode of [...]

Digimon Adventure has finally debuted Biyomon's fiery Mega Evolution with the newest episode of the series! One of the major draws of this new rebooted take on the anime first released two decades ago was the fact that we'd finally get to see the full line up of Mega Evolutions for each of the DigiDestined. While they had made appearances in future sequel films such as Digimon Adventure tri., the original TV series only had Mega Evolutions for Agumon and Gabumon. This reboot has been bucking that trend, and continues to do so with the newest episode.

Following Millenniumon's defeat (with the help of two new Mega Evolutions), the DigiDestined were tasked with following their digivices to new locations to discover the power of their respective crests. Sora and Biyomon (Piyomon in the original Japanese release) headed toward a volcanic region together with Tai and Agumon, and it was here that Sora and Biyomon's love bonded them even more to power up Biyomon all the way to her Mega form, Hououmon. Check it out:

Episode 52 of the series tests Sora and Biyomon's relationship, and most importantly, tests the power of Sora's Crest of Love. The two of them have a fight as Sora wants to keep Biyomon protected from danger, but soon the two of them protect one another when they launch themselves into an erupting volcano. The power of Sora's crest keeps them afloat, and soon Garudamon uses this power up to break through to the Mega level Hououmon.

Hououmon is a golden phoenix that drew all of the erupting lava toward it and saved all of the Digimon that were nearby. With this debut, this marks the fifth Mega Evolution for the DigiDestined and now we're left with three more before the DigiDestined have to take on whatever this new "Great Catastrophe" that has been teased as the final challenge of the reboot series.

But what did you think seeing Hououmon in action in the TV anime at last? Excited to see all of the other Mega Evolutions finally make their debut in the new Digimon Adventure series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!