Digimon Adventure Debuts Palmon's Bizarre New Evolution

Digimon Adventure debuted a bizarre new evolution for Palmon with the newest episode! The 20th Anniversary reboot will soon be launching into a huge new arc in which the DigiDestined will be facing off against Millenniumon's dark threats, and one of the big teases for this arc is finally getting to see the Mega Evolutions for the partner Digimon in action. But while the newest string of episodes have been more episodic as they depict the calm before the upcoming storm, the newest episode of the series managed to surprise with a never before seen evolution.

Episode 43 of the series saw two new additions, Etemon and Volcamon, using their abilities to defeat one another and their combined efforts send shock waves through the rest of the forest. These soundwaves impacted Palmon in such a strange way that it didn't evolve into Togemon, but instead evolved into the ghost cactus like Digimon, Ponchomon.

The episode saw many comedic effects on the partner Digimon as Etemon and Volcamon's sound based abilities had strange impacts on each of the Digimon. Palmon's vines and blooming flower kept growing to obscene heights and lengths, and this was taken to the extreme until Palmon evolved into this strange new evolution. Using the power of rhythm (and a well placed Tequila Knuckle attack), Ponchomon was able to save the day.

This isn't the first offshoot evolution we have seen for the partner Digimon in this reboot series, and it isn't even the first Digi-Egg based evolutoion we gave seen either, but it was a surprise to many fans who did not really ever expect to see Ponchomon given a main role in the anime. They have appeared in the background in some of the series, and have been featured in video game and spin-off releases, but this is Ponchomon's main series debut!

With surprise evolutions like this on the table for even smaller episodic adventures, it seems Digimon fans might want to pay attention to these next episodes to see which evolution might pop up next! What did you think of Ponchomon showing up in the Digimon anime? Which evolutions would you like to see in action next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!