'Digimon Adventure tri. Our Future' Debuts New Promo

Fans have been in love with Digimon's 15th Anniversary project, Digimon Adventure tri., and now [...]

Fans have been in love with Digimon's 15th Anniversary project, Digimon Adventure tri., and now the reunion with their favorite characters is almost over as the final film in the series is quickly heading for its premiere.

To celebrate its May 5 premiere in Japan, Toei Animation has released a new promo for the film which teases their final battle. Fathom Events will be screening the final film with its English dub on September 20.

The synopsis for Digimon Adventure tri. Our Future reads as follows:

"The collapse of the world has begun. The rampaging Meicoomon, absorbing the dark evolved Tailmon, has changed into the form of Ordinemon who bears mighty power.
Exactly as calculated by Yggdrasil, it seems as if the real world is about to be engulfed by the Digital World. In the midst of impending doom, the Chosen Children turn their efforts before them. With Taichi's absence, there is now nothing left but for Yamato to be his substitute, "In order to save the world, what must be done shall be!"

Gabumon encourages Yamato, Agumon still believing that Taichi will surely return. On the other side Homeostasis, in order to deal with Ordinemon who has already gotten out-of-hand, makes its move to execute the final plan to swallow up the real world. To hold back whatever destruction may come, the children and their partner digimon continue their frantic fight. "The light of all, inside Meicoomon..."

The voice of Tailmon carries to Hikari who drowns in despair. And so for the children, the time to make the final decision has arrived. They are the Chosen Children - but as to their own chosen future? Now, once more, the adventure evolves."

The synopsis promises a finale worth the wait, and a greater threat the DigiDestined had ever faced, digital world or human one. Digimon Adventure Tri. Part 6 Our Future is set to premiere May 5, 2018 in Japanese theaters and will be available to stream the same day on Crunchyroll.

For those unfamiliar with Digimon, the series was originally conceived by Bandai, Toei Animation, and WiZ in 1997 as a way to capitalize on the virtual pet craze sparked by Tamagotchi. The franchise focus on its titular "Digital Monsters," monsters that live in a parallel, digital world that came from mankind's technology. The franchise had its first anime adaptation, Digimon Adventure, which focuses on a group of children known as the DigiDestined (or "Chosen Children" in Japan) that are transported to the world of Digimon and have to fight the various evil digital beasts that roam the land.

Digimon Adventure Tri. is Toei Animation's film series celebrating the franchise's 15th Anniversary. The film series serves as a sequel to both Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02, with the first film releasing in Japan in 2015 and the final film releasing in May 2018. Taking place three years after Digimon Adventure 02, the DigiDestined are reunited with their partner Digimon in order to figure out why a mysterious virus has infected both the human and digital worlds.