Digimon Adventure Director Reveals Where Digimon Really Come From

Digimon has been around for decades, but even after all this time, there are still a ton of questions about its monsters. Tai might have solved a lot of issues for Agumon and his kind, but that doesn't mean everything is wrapped up in a neat bow. Fans still have questions about where the monsters come from, and in a recent chat, the producer of Digimon Survive revealed how the anime's original director views Digimon and their origins. 

For those who do not know, Kakudo earned his place in the Digimon Hall of Fame after working on Digimon Adventure. The director oversaw the hit series as it followed Tai and his friends on all kinds of missions. It turns out he worked with Digimon Survive's Habu Kazumasa on the upcoming title, and the producer said Kakudo spoke to him openly about where Digimon really come from.

According to Kazumasa, the anime director doesn't believe Digimon are born from technology. Rather, they are something that have been around for centuries, and they simply use technology to manifest before mankind.

"I had several conversations with the director of the anime series Digimon Adventure, Hiroyuki Kakudo. We talked a lot about what Digimon are, and Kakudo-sensei's understanding of Digimon is that they're more of a spiritual being instead of digital. For people who played with the Virtual Pet, they understand Digimon only exist in the digital world so they're basically some kind of data. However, Kakudo-sensei believes these Digimon – these monsters have always been there," he shared.

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"They have been around human beings in a more spiritual sense. It's not just like a data thing. So based on that, Kakudo-sensei thinks Digimon have always been their partners so they have a big bond and interact with each other a lot."

As you can see, Kakudo has a specific vision in mind when it comes to Digimon and their origins. The monsters became easier to contact with technology, but they have been around far longer than anyone has known. And as Digimon Survive makes its way to fans, that idea will be explored with a new cast of characters.

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