Disney Sea Launches Anime-Inspired Buffet for Magical Girls

When it comes to anime, there are few tropes as beloved as that of the magical girl. From Sailor [...]

When it comes to anime, there are few tropes as beloved as that of the magical girl. From Sailor Moon to Madoka Magica and beyond, the magical girl story has become a go-to for fans, and it has even expanded into mediums beyond anime. These days, it seems the trope knows no bounds, and one Disney park is about to bring the idea to a restaurant close to home.

The report went live courtesy of SoraNews24 and the Hilton hotel chain. It was there the piece confirmed Tokyo's Disney Sea is going to welcome the magical meal at the Hilton Tokyo Bay Hotel.

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(Photo: Disney Parks)

According to the report, the official Tokyo Disney Sea hotel will hold this special buffet in light of Halloween. The meal will be served between September 4 to October 31 every Saturday, Sunday, and even on public holidays. The magical girl dessert dinner will take place at the hotel's lounge, and the offered menus will be based on typical magical girl tropes.

The report goes on to detail the buffet's theme, and it will tell the story of a young girl who saved a magical toy rabbit from trouble. She is given a compact that transforms her into a magical girl, and the dessert menus expand from there. The first is Daily Life Area, and the menu will include sweets inspired by the heroine's time as a schoolgirl.

The buffet will then move to a second course known as the Transformation Area. This food will be all about the magical girl transformation sequence including a cake shaped into a beautiful gown. The final phase of the buffet is the Combat Area, and this menu will bring to life some of our heroine's monstrous foes. But of course, those who take part in the meal will defeat the beasts by eating them whole!

At this time, Tokyo Disney Sea plans to charge $36 USD roughly for adults attending this buffet. Those who attend the dinner will be able to opt in for a special non-alcoholic drink filed with pastel glitter, and it comes complete with a royal stirrer. So if you are in the area, this Disney Parks treat will not be one to miss out on!

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