Disney's Twisted Wonderland to Get a Manga Adaptation

Disney might not lean into manga very often, but it seems the brand is making an exception soon enough. If you have heard of the Twisted Wonderland series, then you may know how popular it is both overseas and stateside. Clearly, Disney has heard much the same, and that is why a manga version of the series has been ordered at last!

As reported by Anime News Network, the first main story of Twisted Wonderland will get a manga adaptation this year. The series, which began as a smartphone game in Japan, plans to hit the pages of Monthly G Fantasy. The publication is handled by Square Enix, so fans can entrust it is in good hands.

disney twisted wonderland manga
(Photo: Square Enix)

According to the current reports, the series will be called Disney Twisted Wonderland the Comic: Episode of Heartslabyul. The title is expected to debut on March 18 with Sumire Kowono handling the art. Wakana Hazuki is credit for the manga's composition.

For those unfamiliar with Twisted Wonderland, the game first launched in Japan last March. The game began with players exploring a dormitory filled with characters inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The game has since gone on to explore other Disney franchises such as The Lion King, Hercules, and more. Anime lovers were quick to embrace the game given its ties to Yana Toboso, the creator of Black Butler. The artist did much of the game's art from character designs to its different settings. Toboso even helped with the story, so if you like Black Butler, then you will want to check out this manga when it goes live!


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