Dragon Ball Wasn't Actually the First Anime to Feature Bulma

Bulma was the second character to ever be introduced in the Dragon Ball franchise, appearing face [...]

Bulma was the second character to ever be introduced in the Dragon Ball franchise, appearing face to face with Goku to start the adventures created by Akira Toriyama but it's been recently discovered that her first appearance wasn't in this Shonen franchise at all. Fans have managed to find a still image that shows the daughter of the creator of Capsule Corps had made her anime introduction in a serious outside of the adventures of the Saiyan race.

Right? It's pretty crazy, but you don't have to worry about Bulma having been plagiarized. The show featuring the girl was none other than Urusei Yatsura, and it has paid homage to lots of other anime series in its lifetime.

As you can see above, Bulma is easy to pick out in the still to the right. The girl is wearing goggles around her neck, so they frame her white fitted shirt. The outfit looks suited to a mechanic which is fine by Bulma. Her lilac purple hair would make Trunks proud, and she seems to have found herself in a pickle with this scene.

For those who do not know, Urusei Yatsura brought in this cameo with its third film. The movie debuted in January 1985, not long after Dragon Ball began its serialization. The Dragon Ball anime did not begin until 1986, so Bulma's appearance here predates her own series by over a. year. Looking back at early concept art for Bulma, Urusei Yatsuraseems to have drawn from the pitch heavily, but many have forgotten this cameo in time.

Now, Bulma's surprising debut is making the rounds once more. Fans may know her best from Dragon Ball, but the Capsule Corps heiress said hello to the world first in Urusei Yatsura of all places.

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