Stunning Dragon Ball Artwork Imagines Majin Buu's Death and Redemption

There are plenty of villains in Dragon Ball, but there are none quite like Majin Buu. Fans met the [...]

There are plenty of villains in Dragon Ball, but there are none quite like Majin Buu. Fans met the character during the end of Dragon Ball Z, and the villain seemed to have a never-ending hunger for chaos. These days, the Buu fans know is way more chill, but it took awhile for the character to get there. And thanks to a gorgeous new drawing, fans have been made privy to the moment where Buu turned around.

Over on Reddit, fans began buzzing when a piece of artwork done by Minyi surfaced. The piece showcases a period of time after Majin Buu died, and it sees him prepare to redeem himself after lots of turmoil.

As you can see below, the artwork sees Majin Buu with a halo overhead indicating he's passed. Of course, fans are sure the character was sent to hell alongside Freeza for his transgressions, but it seems the being got a second chance. As fans well know, the soul of Majin Buu reincarnated at the end of Dragon Ball Z, and that decision gave fans the chance to meet Uub.

Reincarnation and Redemption ( Art by Minyi on Deviantart) from r/dbz

So far, Dragon Ball Super has barely touched upon Uub, but the manga did confirm the character does exist. Dragon Ball Z did more with the character in its epilogue as Goku chose to train Uub after meeting the boy at a martial arts tournament. By training under Goku, many were happy to see Uub take a different path than his predecessor did, and this gorgeous artwork imagines the exact moment Majin Buu chose that second chance for himself. Now, the only thing left for fans to imagine is how Mr. Buu is going to react one day when he meets Uub all grown up!

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