Dragon Ball Has Never Had Another Villain Quite Like Cell

Dragon Ball has never had a villain quite like Cell. That's not just a matter of opinion - it's [...]

Dragon Ball has never had a villain quite like Cell. That's not just a matter of opinion - it's actually a point of view that's backed by some key facts from the Dragon Ball series. One observant Dragon Ball fan has pulled together a list of details from various Dragon Ball series, which prove that Cell is truly unique among the many villains we've seen in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. It's an interesting set of observations (which you can read below), and will be interesting to hear whether fans think it's a compelling reason to bring Cell back - or let him remain in a place of unique greatness.

Here's are the things that make Cell a true one-of-a-kind Dragon Ball villain (via Reddit):

Fun fact: Cell is the only Z villain out of the main 3 to

  • Not be a galaxy/universal threat feared across planets like Frieza and Buu. (He only threatened Earth)
  • Not to get killed by Goku.
  • Successfully kill Goku.
  • Never be mentioned by Beerus, Whis or any of the Kais.
  • Die in every form. (Imperfect by Future Trunks) (Semi-Perfect explosion) (Perfect by Gohan)
  • Still be dead as of Super.
  • Never be wished back or redeemed as an ally to the Z-Fighters.
  • Never get considered as a ToP candidate.
  • Not have Goku use the Spirit Bomb on him.
  • Not get comically bitten by Goku.

Cell's presence in Dragon Ball - and his lack of presence in Dragon Ball Super - has been an ongoing debate amongst fans, for as long as Super has been going. A lot of fans have been longing for Cell to be in Dragon Ball Super, as he's pretty much the only Dragon Ball Z villain who has a significant role in the new Dragon Ball Super series. Vegeta is a major heroic character of Super; Freeza has been the big bad villain and a crucial ally at different points in the series; Buu has grown into a notable Dragon Ball Super hero as well, and was at the center of the series' game-changing Moro story arc.

Dragon Ball Best Villains Cell Z Super Resurrection

Meanwhile, Cell has occupied the strange space of still being one of Dragon Ball's most iconic villains, without getting any kind of official comeback. That still hasn't stopped Dragon Ball from using Cell for promotional purposes. Perfect Cell was a featured character in the popular Dragon Ball FighterZ video game; the villain has also been given an unofficial resurrection, in the latest arc of the Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime.

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