'Dragon Ball' Teases Gohan and Cell's Awaited Rematch

The wish list which the Dragon Ball fandom carries around is an ever-growing one. Over the years, [...]

The wish list which the Dragon Ball fandom carries around is an ever-growing one. Over the years, fans have asked the anime to address dozens of topics, but there is only so much the show can do with its time. Sometimes, fans have to rely on the franchise's games to get their wishes granted.

So, if you have ever wondered how Cell would react to an all-grown-up Gohan, Dragon Ball FighterZ has an answer.

Earlier this month, Bandai Namco dropped its most-hyped Dragon Ball game to date. The new title has hardcore gamers busy with its technical street fighting, but its story mode is intricate enough to make even the biggest anime purists reconsider their conservative position. After all, one of the game's cutscenes does show fans what a Cell anime comeback could look like.

As you can see above, Dragon Ball FighterZ includes a short scene between Cell and Gohan. The pair are teamed up for a battle in the game, but the two have to hash out their grudges (and roasts) before the match can proceed.

"I can no longer sense that overwhelming power you have demonstrated. I'm surprised that you haven't totally lost your fighting spirit," Cell says after he considers taking out Gohan in a bout of friendly fire.

"If you really want to test my power, you can just pay close attention to me in this fight," Gohan says. "To be honest, I haven't forgiven you for what you did, but there's something more important to me now. Say what you want, but the only reason I fight now is to protect those I care about. There's no other reason than that to fight."

Naturally, Cell is just as tired of Gohan's optimism as he was when the Saiyan was a teenager. The fighter simply tells Gohan he isn't above landing low blows to frazzle him. After all, Cell does want to settle the score since Gohan did kill him with a nicely timed Father-Son Kamehameha.

"Now, it's no concern of me whether or not you have a reason to fight. But perhaps you'd feel differently if I were to do something to those you fight so hard to protect. Don't use up all your strength. I do so want to settle things once all of this is finished."

If the actual canon ever wanted to give these fighters another fight, fans would be plenty happy. Another transformation for Cell would be more than welcome, and audiences can only imagine what the villain would do after seeing Gohan's Mystic form. So, here's to hoping Akira Toriyama jots down that idea for a future anime.

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