Dragon Ball Cosplay Takes on Chi-Chi's Armor Bikini Look

Akira Toriyama has introduced a ton of characters over the long tenure of the Dragon Ball [...]

Akira Toriyama has introduced a ton of characters over the long tenure of the Dragon Ball franchise, but one that remains divisive to this day is Chi-Chi. Although now she's Goku's wife and the mother of their children, Chi-Chi started out the series in a much different way. She and Goku actually had quite a bit in common considering that they were both raised in the mountains from a very young age, and had very little concept as to how the actual world operated. It's why Chi-Chi thought she had to marry Goku right away shortly after their introduction.

Actually, it's a bit less innocent than that as Chi-Chi's original debut in the franchise also had a divisive look. Goku was a bit more rambunctious during the early days of the franchise as he was a young boy who had just been introduced to girls, and upon meeting Chi-Chi decides to test out whether or not she had a crucial body part.

But soon after the wackiness and inherent childhood raunchiness of this initial debut, this particular look for Chi-Chi disappeared soon after. But it's been brought back through cosplay thanks to artist @corpsekid (who you can find on Instagram here), who taps into this rare armored look for the character and provides a good argument as to why it needs to come back! Check it out:

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She was a pretty tough fighter during the early days of the series, but like many of Earth's other human warriors she moved to the sidelines as the battles got far more intense with stronger enemies than ever. She found a new direction to channel all that energy with how she raises her sons, and has since made her stamp on the series by being the foil to Goku's naive energy with her constant requests to get Goku to grow up a little. She may not be a warrior in the conventional sense anymore, but she's still just as tough.

What do you think of Chi-Chi's debut look in the series? What's your favorite Chi-Chi look overall? How do you feel about her role in the Dragon Ball franchise now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!