Dragon Ball Z Lets Future Trunks Go Ultra Instinct in New Art

Future Trunks remains one of the best things to come from Dragon Ball Z, and the character has [...]

Future Trunks remains one of the best things to come from Dragon Ball Z, and the character has continued to impress fans as the franchise has expanded. When Dragon Ball Super rolled in, netizens couldn't help but want more for the time-traveling hero as he took up his sword against Goku Black, and that is why one artist is giving Future Trunks the upgrade he deserves. Over on Reddit, the user 7SoldTheWorld decided it was time for Future Trunks to experience the joy that is Ultra Instinct, and their concept art of the power boost is something fans want canon ASAP.

If you look down below, you will find the artwork in all its color. Future Trunks is shown wearing his usual pants, but the rest of his iconic outfit is ripped to shreds. In the same way Goku and Vegeta get their clothes shorn, Trunks has been through the same here, and it exposes his well-earned physique.

Of course, it is pretty much impossible to overlook his Ultra Instinct form here. Trunks is far from earning this boost in the canon, but his long hair here suits the form. His locks have been colored silver-white just like Ultra Instinct Goku, and the same goes for his brows.

Back with a drawing of Trunks! (OC) from r/dbz

The rest of the Dragon Ball Z artwork shows how hard Trunks must have battled in his latest fight as he's been kicked around plenty. His sword is severely chipped at the tip with cracks spreading down the blade. Even his pants are ripped around his boots, but it is clear Trunks came out the winner. There is no way the fighter would retreat once he's gotten into battle, and the fact he is still standing proves his opponent is down.

This gorgeous fan-art shows what could be for Future Trunks, and it is enough to make any fan want it in the canon. For so long, netizens have argued that Dragon Ball Z has nerfed Vegeta's son despite his bloodline, training ethic, and natural talent. In the same way Gohan has suffered so too has Trunks, and it is about time Dragon Ball did something about that.

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