One Viral ’Dragon Ball' Tweet Just Named A Kid Goku

It looks like Bardock isn’t the only father out there to claim the name Goku for his son. One [...]

It looks like Bardock isn't the only father out there to claim the name Goku for his son. One big Dragon Ball fan just took up that mantle as well, and he did it thanks to a viral social media post.

Over on Facebook, Carlos Sanchez asked the people of Earth to lend him their power against his wife - wait, what? Yes, the man took to social media to overrule his wife about their son's name, and Sanchez managed to see his mission through.

The man posted a photo of himself with a handwritten sign asking for likes. "My wife said if I get 1 [million] like [sic] I can name our son Goku," the poster read. In the picture, Sanchez is seen standing before a Dragon Ball Z movie poster, and it seems his dedication has paid off.

After all, the picture has more than 1.4 million likes as of right now.

Sanchez won the battle against his wife, and the fan updated his supporters about his victory not long ago. He posted a video on Facebook featuring his wife who promised to keep her word. The clip shows the woman holding a sign that reads, "I'm keeping my word. Our son's name will be Goku Sanchez."

To the left, the father-to-be can be seen lifting up his own Spirit Bomb. Sanchez looks very pleased with his win, and the fact that he is wearing a Super Saiyan shirt only seals his stan status.

Obviously, Dragon Ball fans are happy to see another Goku enter the world, but the Sanchez baby will not be the first or even second to bear the name. In fact, according to social security applications in the U.S, plenty of kids were named after Dragon Ball characters in 2016. If those records are all correct, 13 kids were named Goku that year, but the number has nothing on Gohan. Nearly 30 kids bore that hero's name while 20 took up the name Broly. So, it looks like Goku Sanchez will have plenty of Broly inheritors to feud with.

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