'Dragon Ball Heroes' Reveals Plot To Overthrow The Gods

Dragon Ball Heroes may have been overlooked by fans for years, but the title refused to let fans [...]

Dragon Ball Heroes may have been overlooked by fans for years, but the title refused to let fans be. These days, it is difficult to ignore the spin-off series since Super Dragon Ball Heroes is in the middle of an anime miniseries, and it looks like the show's new arc is going real big.

After all, the promotional anime has brought in a slew of new villains, and they are working together to bring down the Omni-King and his lackeys.

Recently, Super Dragon Ball Heroes stepped out with its seventh episode, and it was there fans saw the 'Universal Conflict' story kick off. To celebrate, an official blurb for the arc was released, and fan-translator Cipher DB turned around the description for fans. The synopsis makes references to Fused Zamasu's resurrection and his ties to the Core Area, the absent space left in the wake of the Prison Planet's destruction. As it turns out, the villain is part of a larger group, and they are ready to exact revenge upon the gods who first punished them.

"With Zamasu appearing just before the Prison Planet's explosion, it seems the strongest and most evil warriors of the Prison Planet were sealed within this interred Core Area," the description reads.

"The seal came undone with the collapse of the Prison Planet, releasing the warriors of the Core Area into the universe to enact their plan of overthrowing all of the gods."

Of course, overthrowing the multiverse's caste system is easier said than done. Not only are the Kaioshin and Gods of Destruction extremely powerful, but they are not even at the top of the power chain. Angels such as Whis top the list alongside the Grand Priest, and Zen-Oh is still the most powerful being in all of Dragon Ball to date. The deity may be childish, but he can totally annihilate universes with a simple sneeze. So, fans are curious as to how these Dragon Ball Heroes newbies think they'll be able to take the gods down.

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