Dragon Ball Teases Goku's Next Big Tag-Team Fight

Dragon Ball has revealed a new teaser hyping Goku's next big tag-team, and this time he'll be [...]

Dragon Ball has revealed a new teaser hyping Goku's next big tag-team, and this time he'll be fighting with a most unexpected partner! It's about to go down in the Dragon Ball Heroes anime, which is getting into its "Big Bang Mission 7" arc. Goku has woken up in a strange new universe, which seems to be a skewed mirror reflection of Universe 7. As you can see in the new promo footage below, Goku won't get a lot of time to get his bearings in this strange dimension before he's right back into the fight - and needs the help of a former foe to survive!

Dragon Ball Heroes episode 33, "New Space-Time War! The Ultimate Fierce Battle Begins!", certainly lives up to its name. As soon as Goku wakes up in the new universe, he's greeted by new versions of Freeza and Cooler, who immediately try to annihilate him. However, Goku gets a big save from none other than Hearts, the former leader of the Core Area Warriors.

Dragon Ball Heroes previews teased that Goku would be getting a reunion with Hearts, while also floating the question of what the circumstances would be. Now we know that Hearts will actually be fighting beside Goku in this brave new world, as the two combine their powers to take out Freeza and Cooler.

Hearts is a formidable fighter, who uses a combination of psychic abilities with devastating effects. In fact, SSB Goku couldn't stand up to Hearts in their battle; it took the combined power of SSB Gogeta to finally end Hearts for good. However, the cunning conqueror is out of Hel, and now fighting for the side of good - or so it seems.

Hearts' ultimate goal was to defeat Grand Zenos and free mortals from the grip of the gods; instead, he wound up being a pawn of the demon prince, Fu. As Hearts and Goku no ally with each other in this new universe, you can bet that Hearts probably has some new scheme to both get his revenge on Fu, and still take out the Omni-Kings, as well.

Are you excited to see Ultra Instinct Goku and Hearts combine their powers?

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