Sean Schemmel Wants In On The Next Live-Action ‘Dragon Ball’ Movie

There is one movie Dragon Ball fans do their best to forget. It wasn’t long ago that Hollywood [...]

There is one movie Dragon Ball fans do their best to forget. It wasn't long ago that Hollywood gave Akira Toriyama's franchise a live-action adaptation, but the fallout of Dragonball Evolution has been the stuff of legend. The film proved how large of a disconnect there is between anime and Hollywood, but Sean Schemmel has hope that can change.

After all, the voice actor did tell ComicBook he wants in on the next live-action adaptation of the series.

During a recent appearance at New York Comic Con, ComicBook had the chance to speak with Schemmel. The actor, who is best known for voicing Goku in English, opened up about the controversial Dragon Ball film. It was there Schemmel admitted he'd be down to join in on a new adaptation if and when it happens.

"I always thought if I had to play Goku in live-action, how would I do it without looking like this the whole time. If I could do it, I'd have to work out for like ten years, and I'm probably too old to play him now," the actor explained before landing on the real character he'd like to play.

"King Kai I could play though," Schemmel said. "They could put me in a suit, and I'm good to go. Put me in a big King Kai suit? I'd love that."

Of course, it could be awhile before Hollywood or any industry gets its hands on Dragon Ball again. Dragonball Evolution came together in a storm of bad juju, and Toriyama has distanced the movie from his work publicly. In fact, the creator wound up returning to Dragon Ball after a brief retirement because he did not want anyone to work on the series without his oversight. Dragon Ball's last two films were birthed because of Toriyama's disgruntled reaction, and Dragon Ball Super is considered a byproduct of it as well.

Still, the entertainment industry has changed plenty since Dragon Ball had its debut. Films like Iron Man finally helped studios get a handle on comic adaptations, and visual effects have grown leaps and bounds. All Hollywood has to do is prove it can do one live-action anime justice before the floodgates open, and Toriyama could very well decide to lend Son Goku out once more.

So, if he does, Hollywood better be ready to call up Schemmel about a role.

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