Dragon Ball Manga Debuts Mysterious New Namekian

Dragon Ball has got a lot going on right now if you haven't heard. For the team at Toei Animation, all eyes are on the Dragon Ball Super movie while the manga team focuses on its next chapter. Goku is even getting a new arc in the Dragon Ball Heroes franchise, and its latest manga update has got fans scratching their heads. After all, a newcomer has joined the battle field, and we're not sure if we have ever met this mysterious Namekian before now. 

The update went live recently when fans got a hold of Dragon Ball Heroes' newest chapter. It was there a new arc got underway, and it ended with the debut of a mysterious figure. It looks like there is a new Namekian joining the franchise, and fans have their theories as to who they might be.

As you can see above, the newcomer is being called the Namekian Warrior in Black. The first image shows a hooded figure dressed similarly to Dragon Ball's cloaked Saiyan from way back when. The only thing we can see of this new warrior is their eye and talons. This doesn't give us much to go off on, but that hasn't stopped fans from sharing their ideas.

The most prevalent fan theory suggests this figure is Nail. You will remember this warrior from Dragon Ball Z as he was considered the most powerful Namekian alive when Frieza attacked Namek. After joining with Piccolo, Nail combined his powers with Goku's friend, and he has been missing in action since. But given how Dragon Ball Heroes works, anything is possible including this warrior's return.

Other theories include long-lost Namekians such as Lord Slug or even Demon King Piccolo himself. Their usual physiques don't match their cloaked Namekian, but the pair could look different in this wild new universe. But if fans had to put money on a guess, it is safe to say they'd be going with Nail. They will have to wait a bit longer to find out this warrior's true identity, that is for sure. The manga just began its new arc, and the Dragon Ball Heroes anime hasn't touched upon this arc yet period.

What do you make of this mysterious arrival? Do you have any theories about this cloaked Namekian? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.