Toei Animation Creates New Dragon Ball Instagram

Toei Animation has unveiled a new Dragon Ball Instagram Account. Is big news on the way?

The Dragon Ball franchise has remained one of the most popular shonen series in Japan, North America, and countless countries in the world. While the Dragon Ball Super anime adaptation has yet to state when its television series will return, that isn't stopping Toei Animation from releasing new ways to promote the story of Goku and the Z-Fighters. A new Dragon Ball Instagram account has emerged with two images, as of the printing of this article, leaving fans to wonder if big news is on the way.

Since debuting in the 1980s, the story of Son Goku has introduced anime fans to some of the biggest shonen battles in the history of the medium. The original series didn't see the shonen protagonist gaining any transformations per se, with both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super picking up the slack with quite a few Super Saiyan transformations. The most recent anime offering for the series, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, saw Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo as the anime's newest transformations change the power dynamic when it came to the Z-Fighter crew. With the manga introducing Black Frieza as the new strongest being in the universe, it should be interesting if Super Hero's stars will come close to his current power level.

Dragon Ball Insta

The new official Dragon Ball Instagram page did not take the place of Dragon Ball Super's page, which remains sharing images from the franchise to this day. Starting the account by sharing an image of a young Goku, the Instragram account then shared an image of Jaco, the space police officer that has become a big part of the latest series. Dragon Ball fans are dying for news when it comes to Super's anime return, and many followers might be crossing their fingers that this new account might be a harbinger of major news. You can check out the new Instragram page by clicking here. 

In Dragon Ball Super's manga, the adaptation of Super Hero is inching toward its end. Recently introducing Orange Piccolo to the printed story for the first time, Gohan Beast's debut is right around the corner. Unfortunately, neither Toriyama nor Toyotaro have revealed any hints as to what is to come when the latest adaptation ends, but fans are crossing their fingers that Frieza's return will be a big part of the next arc.