Dragon Ball Finally Names Goku's Family Kamehameha

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has given a name to the family Kamehameha that unites generations of Saiyans.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is preparing to bring its Ultra God Mission to a close, and like other arcs in the spin-off series, it is aiming to do so with a bang. The side story has been known for introducing wild plots and characters that otherwise would never have arrived in the main series, Dragon Ball Super. With the previous installment focusing on Goku, Bardock, and Future Gohan unleashing an attack against a rogue demon lord, the "Family Kamehameha" has received an official title.

In the main Dragon Ball Super series, Goku has never met his biological father face to face. Bardock was killed shortly following his son's birth, losing his life against Frieza as he attempted to stop the destruction of the Planet Vegeta. In Dragon Ball Heroes, Bardock has made a number of returns in this spin-off and has sported transformations that he otherwise never accessed in the shonen franchise before such as Super Saiyan 3 and Super Saiyan 4. On the flip side, the Ultra God Mission also introduced a brand new iteration of Future Gohan, who fans have dubbed "Gohan Black" to join in on the family attack. Coming from a universe where his Trunks and Bulma were killed instead of him, the hybrid Saiyan sported some serious power in this latest arc.

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Dragon Ball: A Family Kamehameha

The three-Saiyan Kamehameha unleashed by Goku, Bardock, and Gohan has been dubbed the "3 Generations Kamehameha." When last we left the attack, the three Z-Fighters had not taken down Demigura, but it would seem that they might be closer than ever to finishing the Tournament of Space and Time. Luckily, the spin-off series is planning to jump into a new arc following the conclusion of the Ultra God Mission in the "Meteor Mission" which is still surrounded by mystery.

Unfortunately for Dragon Ball fans, the franchise has yet to confirm when Dragon Ball Super's anime series will return. After the end of the Tournament of Power, shonen fans have been granted two movies to continue the story of the Z-Fighters. With the manga continuing to release new chapters on a regular schedule, there are plenty of stories to adapt to the anime in the future.

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