Dragon Ball Fans React to the Return of an Iconic Super Saiyan 4 Attack

Dragon Ball's Super Saiyan 4 form is making a major comeback thanks to the Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game and promo anime. The game and web series are both into a story arc that has seen Goku and Vegeta's alternate universe counterparts Goku Xeno and Vegeta Xeno unlock achieve a new Super Saiyan 4 limit break, which has godly implications. As more information about the new Dragon Ball Heroes storyline comes to light, Dragon Ball fans are getting excited to learn that this new form of Super Saiyan 4 will also include an iconic Dragon Ball attack getting an upgrade.

Dragon Ball's "Super Dragon Twin Fists" attack is a variation of the iconic "Dragon Fist" attack that Super Saiyan Goku unleashed in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. The technique is one of Dragon Ball's more aggressive combo attacks: Goku hits an opponent with a flurry of punches that knocks them up into the air; Goku teleports behind them and hits them down with an overhead smash to the ground; finally, he drops back to the ground and obliterates the falling opponent by smashing them in the face with two fists charged with energy.

Having Dragon Ball Heroes use its new Super Saiyan 4 form to do an upgraded, tag-team, Dragon Fist attack is totally fitting. Goku Xeno and Vegeta Xeno will be breaking the limits of Super Saiyan 4 in order to battle the demon entity Janemba, who has been resurrected and powered with Goku and Vegeta's Super Saiyan Godly power. Janemba was the main villain of Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, and the villain that Goku destroyed with the Super Dragon Twin Fists attack. So in that sense, Dragon Ball Heroes is making a fitting Easter egg callback to the original fight with Janemba. That's more than just fan-service: it's a fan celebration.


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