Dragon Ball Super Reveals Vegeta's "Happy Place"

Dragon Ball has taken Vegeta on one of the best character arcs in anime, from a ruthless and [...]

Dragon Ball has taken Vegeta on one of the best character arcs in anime, from a ruthless and sadistic villain to one of the noblest and powerful warriors in Dragon Ball canon. Vegeta's evolution as a fighter has taken a widely diverging path from Goku's in the recent Dragon Ball Super manga arcs. With the arrival of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74, Vegeta debuts a new Godly Destroyer form; however, along with that new transformation the Saiyan Prince also reveals an unexpected secret about himself: Vegeta reveals what his "Happy Place" is, exactly. And, since this is Vegeta we're talking about it, you know it's a twisted place he finds peace in!

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 SPOILERS Follow!

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 it's left up to Vegeta to stand up to Granolah, the last survivor of the Cerealian race that was wiped out by Freeza's Great Apes. Granolah's used his planet's Dragon Balls to become the strongest warrior in the universe - a power boost that has proven to be so great that not even Goku's upgraded Ultra Instinct powers are enough to defeat the Saiyans' new foe. In fact, all Goku manages to do is take out Granolah's clone body, before the real Granolah drops Goku with one of his signature vital point strikes.

Vegeta is left alone to face the real, actual, Granolah - and what a battle it is. Like with Goku, Granolah manages to pass the test of each of Vegeta's Super Saiyan forms; Vegeta and Granolah's battle has a much different dynamic, though - namely, both of them are committed to the idea that this fight has to go all the way to the bloody end.

Dragon Ball Reveals Vegeta Happy Place Super 74 Spoilers

Granolah's rage at the Saiyan race truly does put Vegeta on the ropes of a do-or-die battle - and that turns out to be exactly the push the Saiyan Prince needs. When Granolah finally lands what should be a fatal vital point strike on Vegeta, the Cerealian warrior is shocked to discover that's he's only showing Vegeta a good time by bringing him to the brink of death.

As Vegeta explains to Granolah:

"[Laughing] What fun... This feeling... It's been ages. There's no planet to protect. No people to save. Just me immersed in battle. My happy place. Just the thing to get a battle-crazed Saiyan's blood pumping."

We haven't seen this side of Vegeta since Dragon Ball Z, back when he came to Earth ready to kill and wreak havoc and (eventually) test his royal Saiyan blood against Kakorat, a lowly outcast. Vegeta's unfettered fight to kill his opponent is exactly the trigger needed to unlock Vegeta's Godly Destroyer powers. Look out Granolah!

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