Dragon Ball Super Reveals Vegeta's Godly New Form

Dragon Ball Super is back with a new chapter this month, and the big update decided to save its [...]

Dragon Ball Super is back with a new chapter this month, and the big update decided to save its best stuff for last. After all, chapter 74 has been released at last, and it gives the update fans of Vegeta have yearned for. It seems the hero just got his own godly form, and well - it is as far from Ultra Instinct as you can get.

The chapter went live on Shonen Jump earlier today, and Dragon Ball fans were quick to read up on the update. After all, reports swirled this week about Vegeta and his rumored form one leaks went live. Now, it seems the form has been made official, and Vegeta looks absolutely terrifying.

As you can see above, the form itself is a mix of Super Saiyan 3 and Ultra Instinct with a bit of fire thrown in for good measure. The Saiyan is shown sans eyebrows like Super Saiyan 3, but his hair isn't growing out. His ultra-buff physique is surrounded by flames as you can tell, and the transformation itself was obscured by a ton of flames to start. And like Goku before him, this instinctual form gives Vegeta pale irises.

The form came about after Vegeta kicked off his battle with Granolah, and it did not go so well. The Saiyan took some terrible hits as things got started, but Vegeta was more enthralled than frustrated by the battle.

"A God of Destruction taught me that power derived solely from instinct is unbounded," Vegeta shared. So as you can see, it turns out Beerus pointed Vegeta in this new form's way. And if Beerus took the time to teach his student this form, you know it has to be insanely strong. Granolah doesn't know what is about to hit him, and given how new this power is, Dragon Ball Super fans will be right there with the villain once Vegeta pops off.

What do you think of this brand-new form? Where do you rank its looks amongst Vegeta's other forms? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.