'Dragon Ball Super' Preview Teases Vegeta's Final Fight

Warning! This post contains massive Spoilers for DBS Ep. 127 - 128!Dragon Ball Super's latest [...]

Warning! This post contains massive Spoilers for DBS Ep. 127 - 128!

Dragon Ball Super's latest episode saw the Universe 7 team make its biggest sacrifice yet, as Android 17 self-destructed in order to stop Jiren's massive energy attack. However, the hits aren't going to stop coming, and Universe 7 is about to make an even bigger sacrifice - as you can see in the preview above!

Dragon Ball Super episode 128 is called, "Noble Pride to the End! Vegeta Falls!!" which is... not good for Vegeta fans. As you can see in the preview footage, Vegeta is the next to sacrifice himself to buy Goku recovery time, just like No. 17 did. Jiren is mowing through the Z-Fighters like a Terminator right now, and despite his powerful Saiyan pride, Vegeta has almost no hope in stopping the Universe 11 powerhouse.

The question is: will Vegeta make the ultimate sacrifice like No. 17 did? The episode synopses seem to indicate as much, with some translations referring to Vegeta's "do-or-die" battle with Jiren. The Vegeta character arc in this latter portion of the Tournament of Power seems to have been building to an actual death, rather than elimination, as Vegeta has revealed more powerful emotional roots in family and friends than we've ever seen. Sacrificing himself to save Goku really would bring things around full circle.

More to the point: leaks for episode 129 already revealed that Goku will finally master Ultra Instinct for his final battle with Jiren - a level he will achieve as spurred by some great emotional trigger. Not hard to guess, now, what that trigger will be...

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