New 'Dragon Ball Super' Details Confirm SPOILER Falls

Dragon Ball Super fans are about to get some truly terrible news - so be warned that MAJOR [...]

Dragon Ball Super fans are about to get some truly terrible news - so be warned that MAJOR SPOILERS are about to be dropped, and read below only if you want to know!

This is your final countdown:





Unfortunately, just after some truly shining moments in the last few episodes, it seems Vegeta is going to fall in the Tournament of Power's final rounds. This has pretty much been confirmed by the synopsis leak for Dragon Ball Super episode 128:

From the title and episode details, it seems that Vegeta will make a big sacrifice for the Universe 7 team, in order to buy Goku time to recover from his wounds and face Jiren one last time.

It's not dissimilar to what happened the first time Goku first Jiren fought, and Goku went Ultra Instinct for the first time. It took Freeza donating some of his power to Goku for the Saiyan hero to bounce back and fight again. This time, it seems it will take Vegeta donating his own power - only at Jiren's face, and not into Goku!

This reveal adds even more poignancy to episode 126's battle between Vegeta and GoD Toppo; Vegeta's "Final Atonement" attack to finish Toppo was an awesome Dragon Ball Z callback - and now it seems it literally could be the Saiyan Prince's final chance to shine in the Tournament of Power.

Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue 2 Transformation Cabba

Vegeta has come such a long way from his villainous beginnings in DBZ - seeing him go all-out in order to protect Goku will only add to the epicness of his character arc.

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