Dragon Ball Super Reveals the Catch Behind Granolah's Wish

Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter has revealed the big catch behind Granolah's wish. Dragon [...]

Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter has revealed the big catch behind Granolah's wish. Dragon Ball's newest warrior is the centerpiece of the new "Granolah The Survivor" manga arc, and with him, we're getting some brand new Dragon Ball lore, which has revealed the existence of even more Dragon Balls out there in the universe. One set has been collected by Granolah, a warrior from Cereal, a planet that was wiped out by Freeza, using Saiyan Great Apes. Granolah met the new Eternal Dragon with a simple wish: to become the strongest warrior in the universe. Well, Granolah got his wish - with a mighty big catch, attached.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 SPOILERS Follow!

Dragon Ball fans have been teased with the sort of catch that was going to be thrown into Granolah's wish - but it turns out to be even more dramatic than many thought. Cereal's Eternal Dragon, Toronbo, at first explains that he can only make Granolah as strong as his greatest latent potential; however, when Granolah laments not getting his wish, the dragon explains he can still become the strongest warrior, but there's a condition that Granolah has to agree to first.

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Later on in the chapter, we learn exactly what Granolah has signed up for: power in exchange for his life. Toronbo was able to take Granolah's centuries-long lifespan, and imbue him with all the power he might have amassed in those years. The catch? Each boost of potential power cost Granolah a year; for the dragon to honor his request, Granolah's lifespan drops from more than a century, to just three years.

This bargain Granolah has made makes him think he his fulfilled - after all, he's now strongest warrior in the universe. However, Granolah's Namekian roommate and friend, Monaito, tries to warn him that his big gains aren't as certain as Granolah thinks. The Cerealian is only the strongest warrior in the universe, right now; it could literally be a day, or a month, before Goku, Vegeta, or Freeza (Granolah's true target) achieves a power-up that outdoes Granolah. And who knows what kind of new power Freeza's been working on, after seeing Goku and Vegeta running through new powers in both the Tournament of Power and battle with Broly. Granolah has stepped into a revenge quest he's woefully unprepared for...

So is Granolah going to be a one-off character for Dragon Ball Super? He's not evil (far from it), and once his misplaced grudge with Goku and Vegeta is done, there's plenty of reason to help Granolah get a new wish to save his life.

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