Dragon Ball Super To Reveal The True Fate of The Cerealians Soon

Dragon Ball Super To Reveal The True Fate of The Cerealians

Dragon Ball Super is set to drop a major revelation about the true fate of the Cerealian race. The Cerelians have been introduced in the pages of the Dragon Ball Super manga's latest story arc, "Granolah The Survivor". The titular Granolah was the only known survivor of the Cerealian race - a race that happened to be wiped out by Saiyan Great Apes, on orders from Freeza. Naturally, Granolah has a massive grudge against Goku and Vegeta on behalf of his people - and that battle has nearly cost both Saiyan heroes their lives. But just when it seemed that Granolah was going in for the final kill, a big twist reveal may change everything! 

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 SPOILERS Follow! 

In the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super both Vegeta and Goku continue to go all-out against Granolah in battle. Vegeta's Ultra Ego power can't hold up against Granolah's own evolution as the Strongest Warrior in the Universe (courtesy of a wish from the Cerealian Dragon Balls); even when Goku tries to re-join the fight, he gets his butt handed to him just as badly. In the end, Granolah and Vegeta egg each other on to point of a suicide pact; Granolah pours all his power (and lifeforce) into one final massive attack, which will annihilate both him and his Saiyan rival. Goku doesn't have the power to get there in time to stop it - but thankfully he doesn't need to! 

Granolah has just two friends with him on Planet Cereal: his A.I. assistant Oatmeal, and the elderly Namekian, Monaito. Granolah's crew has finally caught up to their hothead boy, and they refuse to sit on the sidelines any longer. Oatmeal flies Monaito onto the battlefield - right into the path of Granolah's massive attack against Vegeta! Not surprisingly, Graonlah is ticked off at his rebellious A.I. for trying to stop him from killing the Saiyans, but Monaito puts his foot down as only an old man can. 

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More than force of will, though, Monaito brings a startling piece of history to share with Granolah. While he was flying into the heart of the battle, Monaito clearly recognized Goku's face. In fact, when he lands, Monaito has some shocking words for Granolah: not only are these Saiyans not his enemy, Goku may be the descendant of the one man who saved Granolah and Monaito from doom: Bardock! 

This "twist" is new-age Dragon Ball Super to a "T." Fans knew that Granolah, Goku and Vegeta would be teaming up eventually - but throwing Goku's dad in the mix (in yet another more heroic retcon of Bardock's character) may be a bit too extra... 

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