Dragon Ball Super Unleashes One of Ultra Instinct's Best Team Ups Yet

Dragon Ball Super has just unleashed one of the best team-ups yet using Goku's new Ultra Instinct power. The finale of the Granolah The Survivor Arc has come around and it was arguably one of the best battles that we've seen in Dragon Ball Super! (SPOILERS!) Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah all had to tag-team and push their respective powers to the limit in order finally stop Gas, the evil member of The Heeters who used a new set of Dragon Balls in order to become the strongest warrior in the universe. 

There were a lot of standouts in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 86, but one thing that fans certainly seemed to take notice of was how Goku put Ultra Instinct's powers to use helping another fighter! 

Gas's final form unleashed his full powers in the wildest way: by literally sucking the life out of his body. However, even as Gas gets more gaunt and shriveled, he still unleashes a wide array of powers that outclasses Goku's Ultra Instinct + Saiyan Potential. Gas has Goku on the ropes and facing a gruesome demise – until Granolah intervenes at the last second. 

Granolah is back on his feet after nearly being killed by Gas, but he knows he doesn't have the power to beat the villain in a fight. Granolah needs a classic Dragon Ball charge-up for a final blast, and Ultra Instinct Goku is the only one to provide cover until the shot is ready! 

Goku uses an energy bubble early on to shield Granolah from Gas's deadly blast attack; however, it's when Granolah finally charges up to the necessary energy that Goku puts on a spectacular new display of Ultra Instinct's power!


Like a scene straight out of Naruto, Goku manifests a Sasuke-style Susanoo giant avatar body using Ultra Instinct. That Avatar is used to take hold of Gas and hurl him straight into space – where Granolah has a clear line of fire for the final shot. Granolah doesn't miss, and Gas goes down hard. 

Dragon Ball fans had been wondering who would get to be the hero to deliver the final strike against Gas – it was a pleasant surprise that victory was a tag-team showcase between Granolah and Goku – especially the way that Goku contributed. 

Ultra Instinct remains a somewhat vague and elusive new power in Dragon Ball lore, but this was a great showcase of what it can do. 

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