'Dragon Ball Super': Android 17 and 18 Just Eliminated [SPOILER]

Warning! Spoilers for Episode 117 of Dragon Ball Super below!The remaining fighters of Universe 2 [...]

Warning! Spoilers for Episode 117 of Dragon Ball Super below!

The remaining fighters of Universe 2 all gang up on a drained Goku, but luckily Android 17 and 18 were able to jump in and save him in time. The two were so strong in their counterattack they manage to knock two of Universe 2's strongest fighters out of the tournament.

When the Universe 2's God of Destruction Heles orders the remaining five fighters to attack Goku - drained of his stamina from a fierce battle with Kefla - he's left in a bind before Android 17 and 18 are able to intercept them. Leaving three of the fighters to watch over Goku, Android 17 splits off to fight Rozie while Android 18 fights the love filled Ribrianne. Thankfully, the two Androids were both able to eliminate their foes from the Tournament of Power:

Android 17's fight with Rozie was definitely a sight to be seen. 17 coolly dodged her speedy attacks, and even getting Rozie to use her ultimate attack - a barrage of energy blasts - on her Universe 2 teammate Ribrianne. Without expending much effort, Android 17 knocks Rozie out of the arena.

But Ribrianne was not only the more troublesome of the Kamikaze Fireballs, but one of the more notable competitors in the Tournament of Power. Before this episode she was seen even giving Goku and Vegeta a hard time. Ribrianne and Android 18 was the more comical of the two bouts, and it definitely led to a few memorable moments.

Throughout the fight Ribrianne often made comments about her Android 18's perceived lack of love, and while Android 18 was able to comically dodge Ribrianne's attack at first, she eventually succumbed to a previously sustained injury.

Thinking she had Android 18 on the ropes, Ribrianne gets a love power boost from the eliminated Universe 2 fighters and gets a huge new transformation. With the help of Android 17, Android 18 proves her love to Ribrianne and manages to defeat the now giant magical girl.

Although Ribrianne was eliminated from the Tournament of Power, she held no ill will toward 18. Ribrianne then acknowledged that 18's love was truly stronger, and that there were many strong forms of love in every universe.

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