'Dragon Ball Super' Reminded Fans Why Android 17 and 18 Are The Best

Android 17 and 18 have taken a backseat when things started ramping up for Goku in the Tournament [...]

Android 17 and 18 have taken a backseat when things started ramping up for Goku in the Tournament of Power, but episode 117 of Dragon Ball Super had their best showing yet.

When the remnants of Universe 2 gang up on Goku, whose been drained of stamina from his battle with Kefla, Android 17 and 18 step in to help and eliminate two of Universe 2's strongest members, Ribrianne and Rozie.

Before jumping into the fray, the two shared a moment between themselves that reminded fans of their sibling bond. Realizing Android 18 was still feeling the sting of a previous injury, Android 17 decides to patch her up.

17 says his first aid ability comes from helping wounded animals on his island, and 18 asks whether or not it also comes from helping his family. Android 17 goes on to explain that he wants to win the Tournament of Power, still believing there's prize money involved for the winner, in order to take his family in a trip around the world. With the two reaffirming the care each one has for their new families, they jump into the fray.

Android 17 breaks out to fight Rozie, and Android 18 is left with the strongest of the Kamikaze Fireballs, Ribrianne. 17 dodges Rozie's attacks with ease, and since the two siblings known each other so well, Android 18 manages to dodge an aerial attack from Ribrianne to have that blast hit Rozie instead. Their coordination not only leads to the elimination of Rozie, but Ribrianne as well.

But Ribrianne proved much more difficult to eliminate. Drawing the power of love from the eliminated members of Universe 2, Ribrianne grows to an immensize size and towers over the entire tournament ring. Android 18 is filled with the memories of her family, and boosted by the emotional support by Krillin, is able to climb atop Ribrianne's arms.

When Ribrianne attempts to shoot Android 18 out of the sky, Android 17 instead jumps in to block it. With Android 17 also cheering her on, Android 18 musters enough force to punch the giant Ribrianne in the face.

Android 17 and 18 have had some cool moments in Dragon Ball Super, but their latest display of force in the Tournament of Power lead to their coolest moments yet.

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