'Dragon Ball Super' Reveals Secret Connection Between Beerus and Supreme Kai

This week on the Dragon Ball Super dub series, we took a break from the harrowing events of the [...]

This week on the Dragon Ball Super dub series, we took a break from the harrowing events of the "Future Trunks Saga" for a little cosmic aside starring Goku and the divine beings of the Dragon Ball universe. During Goku's trip to visit Grand Zeno, he was able to meet new cosmic figures like The Grand Priest, and also learned some of divine order's most carefully-guarded secrets.

...Such as, how Lord Beerus can be destroyed!

Before visiting Grand Zeno's palace, Goku is prepped for the encounter Beerus' home by getting a list of "Dos and Don'ts" from Whis and the God of Destruction. Aside from advising Goku not to do anything stupid to anger Grand Zeno and cause universe 7 to be entirely erased, Beerus gives the Saiyan warrior one other mandate: let nothing happen to Kaioshin!

It's explained that in order to reach Grand Zeno's palace in timely fashion, there's only one available route: being teleported there directly by a Supreme Kai. However, as Whis further explains to Goku, Shin going along for the journey poses great risk to Beerus himself. When Goku inquires why that is, Whis drops a bomb of divine knowledge, revealing that the life of a God of Destruction and Supreme Kai are invariably linked; if one dies, so does the other!

Lord Beerus kicked off Dragon Ball Super by revealing himself to be one of the greatest fighters in the multiverse - an opponent that forced Goku and Vegeta to begin a process of increasing their power on a cosmic scale. In many ways, it seemed as though a Destroyer was night indestructible themselves, but now we know that's not at all the case!

Dragon Ball Super Supreme Kai Destroyer Beerus Connection Explained

This kind of Yin/Yang connection is a staple of Japanese culture, which shouldn't make it at all surprising that it's also a staple of anime. The Supreme Kai is the architect and gardener of life in the universe; the Destroyer, conversely is the architect of death, and the landscaper who pulls dangerous weeds out of the garden. Not to get too metaphysical, but since life cannot exist without death, this connection makes sense.

The question now is: why is Dragon Ball Super revealing this information to us? It seems like as much a foreshadow as the introduction of The Grand Preist, so perhaps the Destroyer/Kai connection will be a major factor in Dragon Ball Super going forward.

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