Dragon Ball Super Broly Artwork Reimagines Epic Goku-Vegeta Attack

Have you ever wanted to see what it looks like in a Dragon Ball battle through Vegeta's eyes? Well [...]

Have you ever wanted to see what it looks like in a Dragon Ball battle through Vegeta's eyes? Well now you can!

Dragon Ball Super created, arguably, the greatest movie in the franchise's history when it brought Broly into the main continuity, pitting Goku and Vegeta against the Legendary Super Saiyan "for the first time". With a new origin given to Broly, as well as a serious power boost, neither of our main Saiyans stood a chance against the new all powerful Saiyan on their own. it was only by teaming together that they stood a chance of bringing him down in the third Dragon Ball Super film. Now, one fan artist has created an amazing first person perspective of Goku and Vegeta bringing the fight to Broly!

Before the two rivals finally decided that fusing together to become Gogeta would be the best way for them to defeat the mad Saiyan, they attempted to take down Broly by going Super Saiyan Blue and unleashing their most powerful attacks. While Goku unleashed his trademark energy blast of Kamehameha, Vegeta went to his patented Galick Gun in order to defeat the insane antagonist. Needless to say, neither of these attacks were enough to take down Broly, especially once he became a Super Saiyan himself following his father's death!

Twitter User Ruto830 shared this amazing artistic recreating of the scene from Dragon Ball Super Broly wherein both Goku and Vegeta go Super Saiyan Blue and attempt to unload their strongest attacks at Broly to bring down the Legendary Super Saiyan for good:

As fans of Dragon Ball know, neither Goku nor Vegeta's individual attacks were enough to take down Broly, with the pair eventually agreeing that only the power of the fusion dance was going to be enough to win them the day. With Dragon Ball Super Broly using some of the best animation of the franchise to date, fans still consider this feature length film to have some of the series best fight scenes. While Broly himself has not been hinted at returning to the series, the fact that he survived the events of the movie and is spending his days on the planet he grew up on proves that there may still be a chance for him to return!

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